Always one move ahead

Long Distance Move

It's no secret that more than 40 million Americans will be relocating to new homes in the next year. To help meet the needs of our nations people on the move, we have created an extensive network of resources that can provide all the services and supplies required to accommodate your move.

We begin by assigning a personal moving consultant to help oversee your move. Our consultant will evaluate your needs and provide moving options that best meet your needs and budget. While we offer basic protection policies as part of our relocation package for your move, you may also purchase more extensive moving protection plans that range from total replacement of an item, to replacement with a specified deductible.

Our long moving services include:

  • We evaluate each customer's shipment and determine any special packing or shipping requirements.
  • We provide prompt responses to your requests for price quotations and your questions before, during and after the move.
  • We assure our customers that they are receiving the most competitive prices customized to fit individual needs and budgets.
  • We fully explain insurance options and costs for every customer's relocation.
  • We assign a team of movers to pack and load that have extensive experience in packing and loading for international moves.
  • We call each customer prior to and on the day of their move to assure that all arrangements are proceeding as scheduled.
  • We provide information to each of our customers regarding their insurance policy, full destination agent, and anticipated estimated time of arrival of their shipment.
  • We explain and handle the logistics and operational aspects of each customer's relocation.